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You Need to Fail to Succeed

March 8, 2019

We once were warriors. We were brilliant, resilient and deadset unstoppable. More importantly we were masters at failing, practising and doing it consistently. These attributes are found in all of our most respected and successful leaders. If we wish to succeed we can not fear or try to avoid failure. We need to fail to succeed and accept it as part of our daily routine.

There is no way around it. If you want to get good at something you need to practice. And the quickest way is to practice it consistently. Yet so often we give up on ourselves way to soon. Have you ever attempted a task once, maybe twice, basically sucked at it, and all too quickly decided it wasn’t for you? Imagine for a moment that you had kept at it and practised consistently. Each time you would get a little more skilful only to realise you were actually getting pretty good at it. Your resilience had paid off!

Quote -Discipline happens when no one is watching but success shows up when everyone is watching

We Were Once All Fearless

Remember when you were incredibly resilient? When you had the strength and determination to keep trying after any and every failure? You were all of these things when you were a toddler and you were awe inspiring! Nothing could stop you from trying new things in order to get what you wanted. You instinctively knew that you had to fail in order to succeed. Failing repeatedly didn’t phase you or stand in your way of getting what you wanted. Toddlers are brilliant teachers and reminders of our endless potential.

We know you didn’t give up walking on your first attempt. You fell down over and over, each time getting more and more frustrated. You cried a little until you remembered the wonderful goal that waited for you on the other side of the room (maybe a toy or pet that you really wanted to play with). You decided that you REALLY wanted that goal more than anything you currently had; falling down was better than not obtaining it.

You pulled yourself up, set your self right and tried again and again and again. Over and over until you got the hang of it and then… success! You had figured out how to walk without falling. You got your reward, your toy, or were able to torment your pet endlessly evermore. You were resilient and undeterred by past failures. You practised consistency which ultimately lead to the successful attainment of your goal. Nice one kiddies!

Quote - Dust your self off and try again - Aaliyah

Get Really Good at Failing

Failure is a brilliant thing and you need to fail to succeed. If you are not failing everyday you just aren’t trying hard enough. To fail means you are attempting new things, you are learning, your brain and skill sets are attempting to expand – all fantastic things. How boring would it be to do every new thing perfectly on the first attempt? Your journey in life would be completely unsatisfying to you, because where is the satisfaction of goal attainment without trials? And you would annoy and alienate everyone around you 😉

So stop thinking that you have to be prefect, perfection is so boring. Learn to love failure because without it there are no challenges, satisfaction or learning in life and that is a waste of your unlimited potential. My advice, enjoy failing, get really comfortable with it, appreciate it for what it is teaching you and try and fail at something everyday.

Consistency and Success are Closely Related

The real importance of consistency is that it builds trust. Imagine yourself at your favourite restaurant. You go there because you can count on their excellent food, brilliant service, and their ability to always deliver your favourite dish. What if they no longer delivered those things you love to a consistent standard? The food quality is now hit or miss, the standard of service varies and there is no guarantee that the ingredients for your favourite dish would be on hand. You wouldn’t be too happy! Offering consistency in both a business setting and our personal lives is absolutely essential. It builds trust and a great reputation, one which people can depend on.

Quote - My name is consistency, I am related to success. We should hang out more often than... every once in a while.

Take Your Time, Just be Consistent

Some things will come naturally to you but others will take time. Allow yourself the time to learn them at your own pace but don’t prolong the inevitable, it’s inefficient. Try practising daily discipline; it is the easiest and fastest way to master a task. It allows you to figure out what doesn’t work for you faster, so that you can focus on finding what does work and get better at that.

Decide what specifically you want to achieve, but before you take action, ask yourself – is this activity bringing me closer or further away from my goal? The answer to that question will always lead you in the right direction towards attaining your goal.

What do you think? Do you believe you need to fail to succeed? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Liana Lidden-Verney
Brisbane, Australia

Hi I'm Liana, a corporate professional, business owner and entrepreneur. I started this space to give you inspiration and tips to reach your greatest potential, be your best self and live your best life possible. Just like I have!

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