Hey you! I am Liana the girl behind this blog. I am so glad you’re here because I have so much to share with you.

Who am I?

I am a thinker, a blogger, a traveler, an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother, and a self-growth enthusiast. I’ve done a lot, seen a lot, and learnt a lot which is why I started this blog. I come at you with a servant’s heart and want nothing more than to help others achieve greatly for themselves and make the transition to a happier life just like I have.

The backstory

I went from ‘successful corporate career goddess’ with a 6 figure income to being a new first time mum and realizing that there was more to life than the next exciting deadline for my boss. I was dreading the thought of returning to the grind and missing a moment of my little man’s precious development. I craved Time and Financial freedom.

I have found my freedom and have become a successful Network Marketing Professional – traveling the world, building a strong global organisation. My belief for the team is that if you want change and are willing to work you can have what you want. This freedom has allowed me to raise my son full time and be completely available to my husband throughout his ongoing journey with Cancer.

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